Kosovo Still Semi-Colony, "Independence" is Media Show

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Aleksandar Pavic
September 12, 2012


Kosovo Still Semi-Colony, "Independence" is Media Show
by grtv

Serbia's breakaway region of Kosovo is set to officially gain sovereign rights this week. Despite Belgrade refusing to recognize Pristina's independence, an international group consisting of 25 countries, which did that years ago, is preparing to make it formal now.

However, many other countries, including powerhouses Russia and China, do not recognize Kosovo as a nation state, and under UN Resolution 1244, which is still in effect in Kosovo, the region is not independent.

For more on this topic, RT speaks with political analyst Aleksandar Pavic.


2012 / 09 / 26
Mike Corbeil says:

That real independence is possible under the rein of Washington is beyond credibility or possibility, and that it's a media show is one of Washington's standard MOs. So, what Mr Pavic says is the reality. There's no way Washington would allow Kosovo real independence. Washington just doesn't do things like that.

2015 / 07 / 12
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