Greek Police Arrest Journalist over 'Lagarde List' Leak

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Yanis Varoufakis
October 31, 2012


Greek Police Arrest Journalist over 'Lagarde List' Leak
by grtv

Police in Greece have arrested a journalist who published a list of the country's political and business elite holding Swiss bank accounts.

The whistleblower accuses the Greek government of failing to go after tax evaders, while at the same time preparing to push through more belt-tightening measures for the struggling population.

Yanis Varoufakis, professor of Economics at the University of Athens, says politicians are reluctant to investigate because of their own involvement.

The leading investigative reporter in Greece had been arrested for “effectively serving the public interest,” Varoufakis told RT. He says Greek politicians are not keen to expose corruption as the country’s political and business elite have historically been intertwined.

“Let’s not beat about the bush. The great problem with tax evasion in Greece…it is one of the reasons that Greece is being portrayed internationally as a corrupt country, and Greeks on the streets who pay their taxes, work very hard and are suffering are incensed at how they are portrayed internationally,” Varoufakis said.

“The fact is that for the last 30-40 years, the rich in Greece has enjoyed a kind of tax immunity. They’re not really tax evaders, they’re immune from tax because of the cozy relationship that they have with politicians who legislate in a way that makes that tax immunity,” he continued.

He argues that this conflict of interest has made Greek politicians more interested in covering up tax evasion than exposing it.

“Look, for three years now during this crisis while austerity is being imposed, the vast majority of workers have no alternative but to pay their taxes. Politicians of the major parties are pointing moralizing fingers at the weak members of Greek society saying ‘oh, you have not been paying your taxes, you’re a tax evader, this is why we are in such a terrible state.’ So now that the truth is coming about their tax evasion, the fact that tax evasion is played very skillfully by the rich, as it has been done for 30-40 years, now their particularly keen to be idle in the face of such a list.”


2012 / 11 / 01
Mike Corbeil says:

Short, but very good interview. Professor Varoufakis clearly knows what he's talking about. And I wonder how voters are going to get themselves and the rest of away from the "grips" of the parasitic "elites". Hopefully, enough voters have sufficiently woken up to reality that they'll cease to vote for unvetted and now provably unvettable political candidates; however, I have serious doubts about that day being in the very near future. Of course, elections are also rigged, but voters nevertheless need to wake up enough to be able to act in a "rock the boat" sort of way, to "shake up" the parasitic "elites" enough that they may choose to begin to "behave themselves" in civil ways.

2012 / 11 / 01
portuguese anarchist says:

What happened to the comment that I left here yesterday and that was here - as I could see, when I checked the page several times yesterday?

2012 / 11 / 02
portuguese anarchist says:

(OK. Checking the information about this site, I see that there is "zero tolerance" in here, in relation to less proper ways people may use to express themselves. And I can understand if the previous comment I left, not respecting the proposal to go after tax evaders - which I personally consider to be an organized form of theft - may not be the most proper way to express myself. So I'll rephrase it, in order to see if it is not deleted this time, since it had also other important information I would like to add.)

2012 / 11 / 02
portuguese anarchist says:

Forcing everyone to pay an increasing amount of taxes, and going after those who try to escape that, is not the way to solve the situation in Greece.

Anyone with a minimum knowledge of Economics knows that, by increasing taxes to a great extent, one diminishes the economic activity of a country and, consequently, less money is collected through tax revenues - therefore, having that huge increase in taxes a destructive effect on the Economy - which is, obviously, the real intent here. (Read Daniel Estulin.)

But, concerning the described situation of this particular journalist, I'll just say what I personally think of all this...

This is an obvious publicity stunt, made in order to call people's attention for this particular list and to divert people's attention from the real source of the problems in Greece - which is the fraudulent debt own by the international bankers (and that, as such, *should not be paid* through the Greek citizen's taxes).

What's the cause of the Greek crisis? A few somewhat rich people, of obvious recent origin, who don't want to be robbed and try to evade taxes? Or the old guard, immensely rich, international bankers and capitalists, that control the EU, the IMF and the Greek government and that hold this government's fraudulent debt?

Why don't Miss Lagarde and the Greek politicians - responsible for this list - list instead this international bankers and capitalists? And why don't they also list those bankers' masters - which are the so-called Venetian Black Nobility - whose fortunes don't pay taxes, are also hidden in Switzerland and amount to *hundreds of quadrillions of dollars*?

Could it be because it is this group that Miss Lagarde and the Greek government receive their orders from? And because, aside from wanting to divert people's attention from the real source of the problems in Greece, this group is using its controlled media to try to denigrate the public image of - sabotage and, ultimately, get rid of - its competition?

Listen to what *real* journalists - like Daniel Estulin - who denounce *immensely* important stuff, have to say. And then see who deserves being supported...

2015 / 08 / 16
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2015 / 12 / 30
Regan Timso says:

Well I hope things like this would become a real example for people to not repeat something like this. sell citi thank you points It only through some examples people can be controlled. This is a method that had been tried out from earlier ages itself.

2016 / 01 / 13
Martha James says:

There is no doubt that most of the political leaders are corrupted and have huge amount of money in Swiss account. Government should show the courage to provide the list of the political leaders who hold account in Swiss bank and like mentioned here Liens and Levies the great problem with tax evasion in Greece.

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