The New Corporate State: Exposing UK Police Violence

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Patrick Henningsen
October 17, 2012


The New Corporate State: Exposing UK Police Violence
by grtv

SHOCKING: This could be you. Watch as London resident with heart condition is violently assaulted by a gang of private 'Community Police Officers', and then evicted, a brutal act planned and carried out by the TMO - a local PPP/PPI private administrative corporation disguised as a government agency in Kensington and Chelsea, London.

This short documentary film by Patrick Henningsen was aired previously by the UK Column (14 min version), and has been re-edited to 22min version with extended analysis. It lays bare the illegal and criminal methods being employed by the New Corporate State, whose PPI and PPP agencies continue to masquerading as actual government agencies and offer no remedy to citizens who question there operating procedures. This film offers a rare and timely insight into Great Britain's merciless new corporate state in 2012.

WARNING: This could be anyone... local communities need to step up all call out such practices.

Filmed, edited and produced by Patrick Henningsen.

Police footage courtesy of Kensington and Chelsea residents.


2013 / 08 / 27
veronica says:

I was horrified at watching this on the UK Column. However not surprised. I have been asked to pay £23.57 per week bedroom tax which I will not pay. Therefore if I do not pay or fill in a form of exemption I will be taken to Court for eviction of my Home in 6-8 weeks. I will not pay due to the amount of people who will have to give up their homes. The Birmingham City Council intend to evict me even though they know that I am dying with Cancer, and was given 12 months to live last August 2012. I told them that if I was evicted I would die on the Streets. They could not care less. This case is on the Internet under Veronica Kenning Bedroom Tax. Kenning is my married name. I would not mind if they let you even die in peace.

2015 / 10 / 22
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