Remember Us: Gaza Refugees in Jordan

Dalia Abuzeid
October 17, 2012



Remember Us: Gaza Refugees in Jordan
by grtv

Remember us is a 50-min documentary revealing untold stories of refugees from Gaza. By funding this project and spread the word you'll help the world remember them. You will change their life.

Where did this project come from? Here is the story from the beginning.

My name is Dalia Abuzeid. I am a Palestinian filmmaker. Originally, my family is from the city of Yaffa, Palestine. When the Israeli occupation started, in 1948, my family was forced to move to Gaza. In 1967, due to my uncle’s illness, him and my grandmother went to Egypt. While there, the 67 war broke and, unable to cross back to Gaza, the family had only one option to reunite: they came to Jordan and became refugees.

I was born and raised in Amman, Jordan and had to live with the limitations of having a Gaza Strip ID: I am a citizen of nowhere, therefore I lose the rights of public medical care, public education and many career options. Traveling is nearly impossible.

Having that said, I have a really good life when compared to the lives of the 20 thousand and more people living in Jerash refugee camp (known as Gaza camp). My father was one of the few lucky refugees who made it out of the camp.

Being close to this issue sparked an interest that led me to visit the refugee camp in several occasions. I have been shocked with the degradable human conditions I’ve witnessed. None of the refugees I have seen is physically, socially or psychologically healthy. I have sat with those who lost their children, as they were unable to afford medical care; I have entered the zinc-roofed “temporary” houses, as they cannot afford the cost that comes with building a cement roof; I’ve sat with someone who is dying and can be saved if given medical attention; I’ve walked over the open sewage paths that pass by every street, causing a massive daily health hazard.

This documentary will tell the stories that have never been told, raise global awareness and aid social campaigns to fix their physical, emotional and social problems that they face on daily basis, struggling to exist.

Remember Us will create fund raising events around the world, to help us open up businesses and employ those refugees, give them a purpose in life, make them independent and reinforce their existence.

What We Need & What You Get

The documentary will be shot in a cinematic way; making it appealing and attractive for people around the world. The visuals will tell the story as much as the refugees. I will make my characters relive their worst days on camera, as hard and cruel as that may seem; this documentary is meant to make the world not only see, but feel that they are in the camp. This documentary will be the raw story of their lives.

Our team is looking for 40,000 JDs for this documentary through different sources of fund raising projects that we will advertise for on this group. and I hope the members of this group from around the world will gather up to help us help them in any contribution possible.

The Impact

Contributing to this film makes you part of the change. It’s our goal to tell the world the refugees’ story and help their lives improve by granting them the basic human conditions.

The documentary will raise awareness, globally, and through several fundraising events and screenings of the film, we will donate all the profits to open up new businesses within the refugee community, such as agriculture, education, sports and leisure.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

- Share our cause globally, through family, friends, social networks, etc.

- Organize events in your residence area where you can help raise awareness to this cause and screen the film as well as fundraise different activities in the camps

- Join us and share our facebook group:

Let's all be one group, one time, let's make the world a better place.


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