Terrorism Takes Flight: Obama's Drone Wars

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Andy Roth
Abby Martin
October 3, 2012


Terrorism Takes Flight: Obama's Drone Wars
by grtv

Abby Martin talks to Andy Roth of Project Censored for a look back at the year anniversary of the drone assassination that killed Anwar al-Aulaqi and his teenage son, both of whom were American citizens, and discusses the dangers of Obama's drone wars.

WWIII Scenario


2012 / 10 / 14
D.A. PIRZADA says:

Drone attacks on Pakistan's territory is illegal. But it is not only the fault/brutality of Americans but also the country Pakistan. General Pervez Musharraf allowed the Americans to shower missiles through drones. Musharraf also gave three airfields to Americans where they settled air surveliences occupying the whole air space of pAKISTAN. FOR WHAT? Yes only for AID. The Drones have destroyed, some militants, however more civilians including children and women and livestocks. The people of FATA region are under great fear. SO BEFORE THE AFGHANISTAN IS INVADED, PAKISTAN WAS ALREADY INVADED. If United States stopped Drone Attacks, the Taliban will stop there aggressive Acts in Pakistan. So the USA is destablizing Pakistan as a result the PAKISTAN IS INTO PEACES.

2016 / 01 / 12
Jimmi Nathan Rogers says:

Who would have thought that such a amazing invention like the drones would reshaped and made use for such purposes. To be frank there are some really interesting and useful uses with it when it comes to hostage situations and so on. la kosher restaurants

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