Big Sugar: Sweet, White and Deadly

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Brian McKenna
November 1, 2012


Big Sugar: Sweet, White and Deadly
by grtv

Big Sugar explores the dark history and modern power of the world's reigning sugar cartels. Using dramatic reenactments, it reveals how sugar was at the heart of slavery in the West Indies in the 18th century, while showing how present-day consumers are slaves to a sugar-based diet.

A lost chapter of Canadian history is discovered, illustrating how 18th century sugar lobbyists in England used blackmail and bribes to determine the fate of Canada.

This two-part series received four Golden Sheaf Awards at the 2006 Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival.

Big Sugar exposes the sugar empire in all its power, from its establishment in the era of slavery to the undeniable influence it still has today. During its long and dark history, marked by corruption and propaganda, this industry managed to keep under its yoke things as fundamental as the nutrition and health of an entire people, creating in passing a worldwide obesity crisis and a new form of slavery our addiction to foods containing sugar.

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