Greece: Days of Decline

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November 19, 2012


Greece: Days of Decline
by grtv

Excerpt from "EU austerity drives repression in Greece"

Greece has been the example for all of Europe since it applied for bailouts in 2010. Wage cuts, mass layoffs and the destruction of social welfare programs imposed by successive Greek governments at the behest of the troika (the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank) serve as a template for every other European country.

Though this policy has plunged Greece into the deepest recession in its history—condemning broad layers to poverty and unemployment, while pushing up Greek debt to record highs—it is now to be intensified and extended to the whole of Europe via the fiscal pact.

The austerity drive at every step undermines its stated goals: reducing state debts and maintaining the cohesion of the euro zone. However, it facilitates a second, unstated agenda. The European bourgeoisie, operating through the EU and the European governments, will not stop until they have lowered the living standards of European workers to those of Foxconn workers in China and miners in South Africa.

Even now, in the midst of the crisis, obscene levels of wealth are being accumulated at the top of society. Greek millionaires who have collectively deposited billions in Swiss bank accounts are left untouched, even though Greece’s finance minister has been in possession of incriminating data on their actions for two years. The billions of euros from the European bailout funds flow directly to the banks, and from there to the coffers of the rich, while workers are systematically robbed.

Greece is in the forefront not only of assaults on social rights, but also of political attacks on the working class...

The police torture of demonstrators protesting against the fascist party Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) is a warning to workers internationally. Things that have occurred in Athens prisons recall the torture at Abu Ghraib and crimes last witnessed in Europe under fascist dictatorships in Greece, Spain and Portugal in the 1960s and 1970s.



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