CIA Favors Brotherhood as Egypt Dictatorship Benefits US

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F. William Engdahl
December 3, 2012


CIA Favors Brotherhood as Egypt Dictatorship Benefits US
by grtv

Egypt is erupting once again. Syria is in flames. Libya is broken and leaderless and Tunisia’s ‘new’ government is struggling to reinvent its country. Protests are once again the order of the day. Is this proof the Arab Spring has failed?

Rarely do ‘revolutions’ fade away unnoticed. But what is unfolding across the Arab world is nothing short of a disaster. Hope for real change has been violently replaced with despair and frustration.

Egyptians are occupying the streets in droves again, with hundreds of thousands of people flocking to the now-famous Tahrir Square in protest over newly-elected President Mohamed Morsi’s ‘pharaoh’-like power grab and the new, Islamist-leaning constitution.

Tunisians are also once again out on the streets in force – this time to protest their new government’s failure to address rising unemployment and spiraling debt. The latest protests and clashes have been raging for nearly two months with numerous dead and well over 400 people injured.

Libya’s scenario is no better, as the tattered country continues to be divided by disorder, petty fighting and Western influence. The city of Benghazi has become the center of chaos as the violent legacy of the US-led ‘liberation’ continues.

Not helping matters are factions like the Muslim Brotherhood, which under the auspices of the people, is actually playing a dangerous game in flirting with the West.

But its re-emergence and desire to impose radical Islamist beliefs during these turbulent times in the Middle East is actually being welcomed in Washington, as author and geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl believes.

“It’s a vehicle, it’s an internationalist Islamic organization, it’s a secret society much like Masonic organizations that don’t operate transparently. The CIA has had dealings with the Brotherhood since they brought them out of Egypt into Saudi Arabia back in the early 1950s and before that, British Intelligence. So they feel that they have a known entity in the Brotherhood and they might be in for a stark surprise.”

But despite these rather sinister movements, essentially, the protest and revolts we are witnessing now are in a way more real than those that kick-started the Arab Spring. It’s almost as if the people have finally found the strength and the voice to overturn what was done to them. It’s as if the veil was pulled from their eyes and they finally saw the farce for what it was.

The only fear here is that when emotions run high, one is susceptible to being taken advantage of.

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