Western Imperialism Curbs Bahrainis Struggle for Democracy

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Don DeBar
February 11, 2013


Western Imperialism Curbs Bahrainis Struggle for Democracy
by grtv

Analyst Don DeBar says the Bahraini uprising against a despotic regime is a vanguard for other countries and at the forefront of the fight for democracy against imperialism.

In the background of this a mass sit-in has been held in Bahrain ahead of the second anniversary of its popular rebellion against the ruling despotic regime and against its occupiers the United States and Saudi Arabia in the people’s demand for democracy.

Press TV has interviewed Don DeBar, anti-war activist and journalist, New York about this issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: We are approaching the second anniversary of the Bahrain uprising. How much has the uprising progressed do you think?

DeBar: Well, it’s sustained itself for two years so far despite being blacked out in the media in the West and despite the fact that the United States occupies the bulk of the country of Bahrain and the Saudis occupy the balance of it at the invitation of the royal family of Bahrain.

So, so far the people are winning just by sustaining their rebellion.

Press TV: As far as human rights are concerned what violations have been made by the ruling al-Khalifa dynasty and how have they been addressed by both human rights organizations and the United Nations?

DeBar: First, the human rights violations that exists is on the basis that there is not a democratic government there. There is a small group of people that suck the life out the rest of the people there on a daily basis with the backing of the United States primarily and Western Europe and the entire imperial construct.

The definition of terms is very important because we talk about rebellion and these other terms - first of all, look at Syria, what we’ve just heard. People characterize what is going on in Syria as a rebellion when it is actually an invasion. The basis of that is the arms, the material means that are opposing the government of that country are provided from the outside. That is an invasion.

What’s happening in Bahrain is a rebellion. The people are standing up and saying that they want to be free. And the outside powers are suppressing them. That’s essentially a rebellion or a national liberation activity against imperialism.

The people have been sustaining this for two years next week this stand up to imperialism. And the people of the world that are interested in seeing people have democratic rights around the world should really be trying to find a way to sustain what’s going on in Bahrain and spread the word about what is going on in Bahrain because that is one of the real nexus points of democratic uprising in the world right now.

Press TV: Why do you think the issue of Bahrain has been left out of the mainstream media in the West?

DeBar: Mainstream media in the west supports imperialism. Imperialism is that which suppresses people around the world. The people in Bahrain are a vanguard really of the uprising along with other countries, a whole bunch of other folks around the world.

Until the people of the rest of the world are aware of what’s going on in Bahrain and realize that they need to have solidarity with the people of Bahrain, the people of Bahrain are going to have to sustain that on their own.

We need to find what it is between here and there that has the rest of us stand with them because they are at the forefront of the Democratic movement on this planet right now.



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