US-Backed Venezuelan Opposition Replicating Ukraine Protests for Takeover

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Mark Weisbrot
February 16, 2014


US-Backed Venezuelan Opposition Replicating Ukraine Protests for Takeover
by grtv

Anchor Mike Walter of CCTV America sits down with Mark Weisbrot to debunk the myths behind the February 2014 Venezuelan protests.

The issue is beyond economics. The US-supported opposition in Venezuela is involved in a propaganda campaign similar to the one launched before the attempted coup against Hugo Chavez about a decade earlier. The Venezuelan opposition, which is controlled by the country's oligarchs, already owns most the mainstream media and private major corporations in Venezuela whereas the government only owns public television and receives support from community-based radio stations. The opposition has used its control over the media to paint a false image of the events on the ground.

Despite the Venezuelan government's democratic mandate, which includes winning most the municipal campaigns in December 2013, the Venezuelan opposition wants to use flash mobs to takeover the country and ouster the government in Caracas. According to state news agency AVN, of the 337 mayors elected in December 2013, the final vote counts awarded 256 mayor positions (76%) to the ruling party or pro-government forces.

The protests in Ukraine are now being replicated in Venezuela with the aim of removing the government outside of the democratic process. Despite failing to win any of the elections in the last few years, the US-supported Venezuelan opposition is now resorting to colour revolution tactics.

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