Splitting the Sky punished while Bush walks free

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Michel Chossudovsky
juin 8, 2010


Splitting the Sky punished while Bush walks free
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Today a Canadian court is supposed to hand down a sentence on Splitting the Sky, an activist who attempted to craft a citizen's arrest on former President George W. Bush during a visit in 2009. Splitting the Sky could face up to two years in jail and pay a fine of $5,000. His legal defense is made up of very big names such as Ramsey Clark, who has been known to be a thorn in the side of governments for years.


2010 / 06 / 09
Lyall Kerr says:

Splitting the Sky is a brave man. George W. Bush should be charged as was the intention in attempting a citizen's arrest of him. The Canadian Government is a whore of the criminal United States Government. The trial of Splitting the Sky was a travesty of justice and is a sign that Canada and the U.S. are fascist States. Look at the goons who manhandled Splitting the Sky: they look like Nazi thugs. Best wishes to Splitting the Sky. Lyall Kerr

2010 / 06 / 09
Anonymous says:

Of course governments like the USA and Canada are filled with crimminals........GW Bush happens to be one of the biggest ones, with Obama a close contender. But the point is these big government crooks are "too big to be prosecuted", so while they go completely free, common citizens who do very little face the whole weight of the laws and are never given the same free passes, or the pretense of respectability.

2010 / 06 / 09
kiokiokwinon says:

I agree with Anonymous. Every indifidual has human rights and these governments are still the same institutions that existed in the 14th century, this capitalistic system is the same it just changed its appearance. The elite still rule (out of sight), still collect taxes, still manipulate the war and peace times to suit their economic needs and the citizens are still serfs working the land and paying taxes to the patricians... but just like Marie Antoinette and others who were decapitated, we must, today, "decap"italize these states.

2012 / 03 / 19
Michael O'Neill says:

The proper response is not to be cowed by this questionable judgment, but for citizens of all non-aggressive, non-imperialist governments all over the world to seek the Arrest for War Crimes of George Walker Bush, Ex-President of the United States - as well as Ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair and other key actors.


2015 / 09 / 30
Marie Coel says:

I agree with Anonymous. Att, || olaf lembrancinhas

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