Fukushima Will Be Radiating Everyone for Centuries

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Michio Kaku
Liz Hayes
août 23, 2011


Fukushima Will Be Radiating Everyone for Centuries
par grtv

Australia’s CBS exposed the “unspeakable” realities of the Japanese catastrophe in its 60 Minutes program Sunday night during which leading nuclear scientist Dr. Michio Kaku said radiation from Fukushima will impact of all of humanity. The nuclear energy power industry violation of the right to health is apparent throughout the new Australian report.

“In fact the whole world will be exposed from the radiation from Fukushima,” Dr. Kaku told CBS reporter Liz Hayes.

“We are already getting radiation from Fukushima,” Dr. Kaku said.

Just as Australia’s SBS exposed in depth the reality of the 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico catastrophe unlike any U.S. mainstream news station, Sunday, Australia’s CBS has now exposed in depth the Fukushima catastrophe.

“The Fukushima crisis is far from over. The crippled nuclear power plant is still leaking; and, judging from Chernobyl, recovery will not be measured in years, more like centuries,” reported the Australian presenter Liz Hayes.

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2012 / 04 / 27
Stevo says:

What also must be addressed is that any loss of power at any nuclear plant anywhere in the world would result in the same thing as Fukushima. The disaster wasnt caused by the earthquake, but due to the tsunami taking out the back-up power generators.

The same thing almost happened during the floods on the Missouri River last year. Can you imagine if the land that feeds us all here was made unusable?

We need to shut down nuclear power. It may be too late to save us from Fukushima. We dont need a hundred more of them all at once if a solar storm knocks out the power grid.

2011 / 08 / 25
vijaya says:

This is really great piece of information that everyone should know. The so-called masters of the universe has made this planet inhospitable for humanity. the western media with corporate interest are serving this elite and hide the truth. it's time that people of the whole world get together and forced these criminals and their sponsors out of power and make a democratic world where everyone can live in peace and harmony. let us come together!

2011 / 08 / 28
Duncan Roads says:

Hi, that show is from the Australian version of 60 Minutes, which is screened on the Nine Network Australia (Channel 9).
America's CBS re-screened the segment on their network.
So there is no 'Australia's CBS' at all.
Minor detail I know, but sources need to be accurate if possible.
Good job though, your work is greatly appreciated!

2011 / 08 / 31
Mohan says:

All people of the world are stake-holders for every nuclear reactor in every country. The decision to build one or even continue to operate one can not be in the hands of a few scientists, businessmen, or politicians.

2011 / 10 / 24
DGS says:

In Canada the reporting of this horrific meltdown has been nothing short of disgusting. CBC/CTV/Global are nothing but bootlickers for the nuclear industry (Canada being one of the wrolds leaders in the the anti-human Nuke Industry). Some of the so-called 'experts' interviewed by these propaganda machines were complete idiots. One actually stated "you get more radiation from sleeping beside someone than you will get from Japan". I was shocked by the contempt shown by our corporate media towards our intelligence. The Canuck Govt, banning the "restocking of Iodine" was another jaw dropper, stating that is was for "our own protection" was just MORONIC
Not only Fuk, but there already MANY "Dead Zones" in northern Japan. Plutonium is a bitch!
Decent piece.

2011 / 12 / 15
DGSE says:

Nuclear energy is neither "cheap" or "reliable". In fact it is one of the most expensive and dirtiest energy resources and is hardly reliable. Take away the government subsidies and the cost to the consumer would be so prohibitive the Nuclear Industry would be left building weapons. This whole nuclear energy is a cruel sick joke on mankind.
Mr Tesla had it right, "resource based energy will be the demise of mankind"

2012 / 01 / 06
frank C says:

interesting piece...thumbs up.

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